Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Have you ever had one of those days were you just don’t fill right, that day when you stepped with the wrong fut, well it is probably because you forgot to eat the most important meal of the day, the one that gives a jump start to you body each morning, yes, I am talking about breakfast, the meal that most people skip, or just forget when they are on a hurry.

In my opinion, breakfast is the most important meal of the day because it fuels your whole body and gives it nutrients and vitamins for a more active start to you day. Something that people do not know is that breakfast is the meal were people can go off their diets, because they can burn the excess calories eaten during the morning, plus, studies say that if you do not eat breakfast, you will eat 4.9% more food at lunch, and people who take their time and eat a big and healthy breakfast are 12.3% healthier throughot the day than those who do not.

People may say that big breakfasts are bad for your health because it makes you get fat, but in the other hand it is a lot better to eat a big breakfast than a big lunch because your body will have a longer time to burn it all down.

Breakfast is the most important meal of all, why, because it fills the body with vitamins and nutrients, and gives you a head start to your morning every single day.


Vampire Diary Entry

19/5/15 Dear Dairy,

The last few nights have been pretty outlandish, well, it all started on Sunday, I was sleeping when I had a dream about a unknown person talking to me, I remember I woke up with a strange neck pain, since then I have been filling very under the weather, I fill as if my head was lighter than usual and with a peculiar need for blood. The last nights were okay, I guess, but everything went down last night, I was in my bathroom when I realized I could not see my reflection in the mirror, I went nuts, and decided to go to sleep right away, when i got to bed, I realized that it was much bigger than usual and taller than normal, thats when I realized I was a bat.

Godlike Report

Hades was the one of the three sons of Cronos, after his father’s overthrow, the three brother decided to split the world between them, Zeus got the sky, Poseidon got the Ocean and Hades, do to him drewing poorly, got the under-world. This god was one of the only ones that didn’t live in Mount Olympus along with the other Gods, he lived in the under world, and had a pretty bad reputation do to his famous story in which he “kidnapped” Demeter’s daughter.


An old statue of Hades

Description of the Murderer and Crime

Murderer: William Palmer was an abuser of human rights and cared for nothing but money, that’s why he killed most of his victims. He was a normal looking person for the time a little fat and with brown hair and a big mustache that went across his whole face.


Crime: poisoning. He killed most of his family and friends including  newborns.

His most famous crime was the one of John Parsons cook at about 1 pm at the talbot Arms Hotel in Rugeley, England, he poison d him due to him loosing a lot of money on gambling.information from:

Murderer: William Palmer

Palmer: I will bet 1000 for the black horse to my right

(the race starts and the black hourse finished last)

Parson : o my good I can’t believe it, I won!

Parson : this deserves a celebration , lets make a party

Palmer: sure…

(the night of that day at the party)

Palmer:(changes parson’s drink for poison and let’s him drink it)

Palmer: Hey, do you want to go to my house for dinner tomorow

Parson: I will be there

(the next day at palmer’s house)

Parson: I am not filling so g…

(falls dead on the floor)

palmer: I can’t believe it, it worked! His finally dead!

(Sirens sound in the background and johnny arrive)

Johnny : everybody hands up, or I will shoot!

Palmer :oh my good! I didnt do anything

Johnny: I’m not going to shoot you let me just ask you some questions

Johnny :what is the problem here ? Was he dead?

Pamer : He ate chicken bones

Johnny : that is weird because I checked his throat and I didn’t find anything stock to it

Johnny: why do you look so happy, shouldn’t you be sad, he was a good friend of yours right?

Palmer: because I killed… I mean… Nothing!…

Johnny: wait… What!? (Puts surprised and angry face)

Palmer: Its not my fault… Maybe he is not dead… Maybe he passed out.

Johnny: oh, he was definitely dead!

Palmer: I give up, I did it (sad)

Palmer: but, you won’t catch me!

Johnny:  Mackenzie, now!

Mackenzie: hands up or i’ll shoot!

(palmer gives up and gets caught by Mackenzie)

information from:

Informal letter post

                                                                      General Carrera 648



29, March 2014

Dear Mrs Landry:

Sorry for making you wait so long, but I finally have time to tell you and the class (if you want to read it to them) how iv’e been doing this past three months in Chile.

Short after arriving, I took a two month summer-vacation before going back to my school on March 5th, I didn’t do much over vacation, just stayed on my grandmas’ house, played video games and hang out with my Chilean friends, those three months were obviously full of eagerness to know if I would “fit” on my new school and if my old friends that i hadn’t seen had changed in any way.  When the day finally arrived, I was so nervous I remember I couldn’t even talk, my grandmas’ house is very close to my school so I just walked there with my extremely light first-day-of-school backpack; when I got to my classroom I got greeted by all my classmates that thanks to god remembered me. After about ten minutes we got into the new class room had normal classes; from that day on everything has been as it was tree years ago, so I am pretty relaxed and confident about the choices iv’e been making along the way. That pretty much raps-up what I have been doing since I arrived.

 Hope to see everyone on a near future


Matias Tortello

PS: please tell me how you and my friends are doing, my mail address is if you have any questions about the letter. (i wrote this at the end because if i wrote it along with the other things i would’ve gone way over 150 words)

  • 150 words aprox
  • Include a photo
  • Tell him/her what you have been doing in school
  • Mention something important happening in your family/social life
  • Ask about his/her experience living somewhere else
  • Agree on meeting in a near future
  • 1427667780603.1Me with my Chilean soccer team T-Shirt